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                de Velas

"The festival of sails" -an ecological regatta

This event is held at the only time of the year when friend and foe will pull together on one rope.

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from Charlotte Eichhorn

Nearly two decades ago, René Schärer initiated an ecological regatta. Since then, the event has been held annually when the wind conditions are the most stable - generally at the end of November or the beginning of December.

The idea of the competition had met with great approval: Which fisherman from which village is the best sailor on the traditional Jangadas? Today this competition is held in nearly every village along the coast of Ceára.

The "Festival de Velas" - Festival of Sails - is genuinely organised for the local fishermen only and not for the tourists. It begins with a feast and, uncommonly, with various evening events. Normally there is not much going on during the week, as the fishermen put out to sea before sunrise and return when the proximity to the equator causes darkness to fall by 6pm.

The following videos were made and edited under my supervision by young local people.

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