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Reports from
   South America

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Women have a very tough time in Latin America.

 Feminism is only forging its way very slowly and against much resistance.

The fishing village of Prainha do Canto Verde in Brazil successfully resisted mass tourism 30 years  ago. Today, illegal land sales, climate change and offshore wind farms make survival difficult. We have  been documenting successes and setbacks since 1986.

The Guaraní:

 What happened to the once proud rulers of the South American steppes and forests?

Latin America is drowning in his waste.

 The state usually fails miserably, yet resourceful citizens step into the breach.


What do indigenous people have to say to us and how can we learn from each other?


Water is a strategic resource.

 In South America, violent conflicts flared up over the use of water, but also new models emerged.

 How does the drug trafficking change a village in the Peruvian Andes?


Sandra Weiss and Charlotte Eichhorn have been living and researching in Latin America for many years. In their reportages, they allow themselves to be immersed in completely different worlds. They get into the thick of it - and accompany their protagonists, sometimes for decades. This results in long-term, multidimensional observations. ​


Their reportages bear witness to the modernisation and globalisation of South America from the perspective of the people affected. The stories describe the resulting upheavals and problems as well as successful resistance and original alternatives. They are therefore an impressive and thought-provoking appeal to our Western civilisation

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