A new generation of activists

Charlotte Eichhorn


Gerónimo Ayala and Jorgelina Duarte are two of todays many young activists, engaged in the four countries of the Guaraní nation.

Gerónimo Ayala

is Mby'a-Guaraní, the first indigenous architect,

Founder of the first indigenous party in Paraguay,
In the elections in April 2018, he ran for the Senate but just missed the necessary 50,000 votes.
He also became a representative of a new indigenous activist generation in the Paraguayan
Forum GRAMO: "View into the future".

Jorgelina Duarte

is Mby'a-Guaraní,


and delegate of Guaraní umbrella organization CCNAGUA.
Vice-cacique (deputy-chief) of her community  in Misiones, Argentina.
She earns her living as a teacher in a bilingual Mb'ya-Guaraní school.
Her recently deceased grandfather was one of the most famous shamans of the
She misses him a lot.

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Intercultural, what does it mean?


Many Guaraní, like Gerónimo Ayala, Jorgelina Duarte and Mario Borgas, have enjoyed Western education. To some extent they manage in both worlds.
But the balancing act is not that easy for everyone and poses new problems for the communities.

For example, when does an indigenous person stop being indigenous, and how deeply can whites dive into the indigenous world?

Tricky questions we explored in this video.

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Interculturally, there is also an increased expansion of the state-mandated health policy of Argentina – if the widespread corruption lets it happen at all.

Dr. Mariana, now retired, has opportunely found a successor in Dr Javier. He has not only taken over the care of indigenous people, but also Dra. Mariana’s way of reconciling conventional medicine and indigenous home remedies.

He takes it a step further, focusing even more on the Mby'a culture, language and way of life.


He continued to work even more closely with the trained Mby'a health assistants, and he supports the vaccination campaign of a government-mandated female health professional.

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Intercultural is also the story of Angel, the Mbyà Baby who, almost starving, was rescued and adopted by a white Argentine woman. For years, he was raised in Patagonia / Argentina west – torn between 2 worlds as a result.


As an 18-year-old teenager and after many intercultural difficulties, Angel found his way back to his roots in Misones / Argentina. He fell in love with a very young Mbyà girl – which is ok traditionally – and married her. He feels good in his birthplace community, but at the same time he cannot deny his white upbringing.

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