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Prainha do Canto Verde

is a small fishing village in northeast of Brazil, has resisted the attack of land speculators for 40 years. We have followed this resistance over the years.

This fishing village of approximately 2000 inhabitants, and located about 125 kilometers southeast of Fortaleza - the capital of the Brazilian northeast in the state of Ceará, lies in the middle of a 570 km long coastline with endless sandy beaches, dunes, and steep coastal sections.

The residents live mainly from fishing on the small flat traditional sailing boats called Jangadas.

But they have influential enemies. For 40 years, local influential entrepreneurs and politicians have been targeting this heavenly corner of paradise to make it a destination for mass tourism like that of nearby Canoa Quebrada.

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"Raid on Brazilian fishing village

In the 1980's they initially tried to drive away the then 1100 villagers with forged land titles.


Later it became known that Tales de Sá Cavalcant, an oligarch from Fortaleza, was behind it. He had built an illegal luxury villa on the beach at the edge of the village.The Prainhans fought back. They had experienced how the fishermen of Canoa Quebrada lost their livelihood when they sold their beach huts cheaply to investors, and from then on could only survive as photo motifs or luggage carriers. Their children were exposed to prostitution and drugs.

However, mass tourism is not the only problem in the fishing village Prainha do Canto Verde.