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Enviromental Problems

Rising sea levels and mis-placed wind power towers

But control over the preservation of the "RESEX" will not protect Prainha do Canto Verde from further natural hazards; neither from climate change nor from regular climate phenomena such as "El Niño and El Niñha", from acidification of the sea water, rising water temperature and sea level. 

Many houses directly on the beach have already been swept away and had to be abandoned. The rising water temperature is causing lobsters and fish stocks to decline.

Prainha village is set also in the middle of a huge wind farm, the largest in Brazil, covering the entire coast in the state of Ceará, which is known for corruption in obtaining "blue environmental money". Some of them are not even connected to the grid or are poorly maintained.


Wrongly placed towers accelerate the wandering of the shifting dunes in Prainha and overrun the local houses with sand.

The struggle for the front row on the beach by some family clans bribed by the oligarch Tales, has unfortunately come to a macabre and bleak end; since several years, their houses and pensions have been been devoured by the sea, they have lost everything. 

Within a few years, another seafront will be swallowed up by the sea, and the residents with houses in the now second, third, fourth row will gradually be the ones in front!

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