Guaraní                  initiatives            

Indigenous people demonstrate in Brasilia in the summer and in Argentina in November 2021, all of whom would be affected by the filibustering of territorial laws.


Many Guaraní raise their voices, want to be heard and want to be noticed. Here are some initiatives of a visual and musical kind launched by some young Guaraní, sometimes with international support. 

See Video of Guaraní Hip-Hop group from Sao Paulo;"OZ GUARANI"

See Video of a Guaraní Representant;

See Video of a Kaiowa-Guaraní Hip-Hop group;

Some of today's filmmakers were animated by Charlotte Eichhorn in a initial video course, then have continued their professional training and are now working independently, mostly over the Internet:

See Video of a joung, award-winning Mby'a -Guaraní; 

Bicicleta de Ñanderu von Videios na Aldeia

We young people from Prainha participated in a worldwide project that helped us to put our ideas into practice


See video from Prainha do Canto Verde/ Brazil: