Guaraní                  initiatives            

Many Guaraní raise their voices, want to be heard and want to be noticed. Here are some initiatives of a visual and musical kind launched by some young Guaraní, sometimes with international support. 

See Video of Guaraní Hip-Hop group from Sao Paulo;"OZ GUARANI"

See Video of a Guaraní Representant;

See Video of a Kaiowa-Guaraní Hip-Hop group;

Some of today's filmmakers were animated by Charlotte Eichhorn in a initial video course, then have continued their professional training and are now working independently, mostly over the Internet:

See Video of a joung, award-winning Mby'a -Guaraní; 

Bicicleta de Ñanderu von Videios na Aldeia

We young people from Prainha participated in a worldwide project that helped us to put our ideas into practice


See video from Prainha do Canto Verde/ Brazil:

Ver video de un grupo local de guaraníes en Misones/ Argentina:

Mientras la agroindustria en Misiones, Argentina provoca la pérdida de biodiversidad y erosión de los suelos, el campesinado y las comunidades indígenas resisten en el cuidado de la agrobiodiversidad puesta al servicio